Does Weight Lifting Stunt Growth Does

Does Weight Lifting Stunt Growth: Does weight training stunt your growth?. Myth or Truth? I am 5’10″ The perfect height! Check out for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most support…

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22 thoughts on “ Does Weight Lifting Stunt Growth Does

  1. Tawaxyon

    Lifting weight does not stunt growth, however, I’d still suggest you to stay away from the gym until 15+ because if you do injure yourself, even if not permanent injury, you can still stunt growth. So stick to body weight exercises until atleast 15+.

  2. best496

    Weightlifting doesn’t stunt growth, bodybuilding stunts growth. I remember when I was 12 and my dad used to complain that I was so thin. He said when he was 12 he weighed 180 pounds at 5ft8 and he lifted everyday. He was still 5ft8 and 190 pounds. I’m 6ft3 and 195 pounds.

  3. LaCt1kAc1D

    Im 5″9 and im 13 im hittig the gym already and doing weights…max im liftig is 7kg and 2.5kg over my head to work my shoulders and traps

  4. OberstConqueror

    Nope. This guy has more experience than you obviously, I’m 13, 5’1.89 and 100 Ibs and I weight train three times a week. Cunt.

  5. Reyhan Rere

    yes I agree cant even believe it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now ->

  6. John Alec Seixas

    Wow he’s a really nice guy and I always watch his videos , but he’s 5foot9 instead of 5’10. You can google this ” Nick Wright height ” and you will find out that Nick Wright is 5foot7 . In their videos together , Scott looks 2 inches taller than him , AT THE VERY most , so , it’s 5foot9 . Anyway , this channel is really , really good .

  7. 96Tomsta

    You never know you could be 6ft 4/5 if you are 15 and 5ft 11. Personally I hate being this tall just feel like a freak and how is it lucky? My parents aren’t particularly tall (Mum is 5ft 10 and dad is 6ft) and there is no-one in my family who is this tall or even close to 6ft 5

  8. RonShenkar

    I find that hard to believe as both my parents are 5’7… all I wan’t is 6’1, you’re lucky by the way

  9. 96Tomsta

    At 15 I was 5ft 11, 16 I was 6ft 2 and now at 17 I am 6ft 5 so I’d say you will be around 6ft 4/5

  10. Akash Ranabhat

    They laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with “Windy Fat Loss”, but then I showed them the results. Go google “Windy Fat Loss” to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  11. bitrate2able

    btw…5’10″ is def not “the perfect height”…it’s more like the bare minimum before being considered short by most girls standards. i’m just telling it like it is. if he went on any dating websites he would prolly be filtered out cuz most girls are only looking for guys 6 feet or over. guys if you’re shorter than 6 foot, just roll with it. don’t lie about ur height and don’t kid urself into thinking ur tall. work on being funny or something…it’s kinda endearing.

  12. RonShenkar

    you’re actually in the same situation as I am, i’m currently 14 and 5’11 (182 cm) I wish to be 6’1, in my opinion it’s the best height a man can be.

  13. Steve Stertz

    Very true, my dad took me to the gym at13, I broke the Serrano jr.high pull up record in lake forest, california..

  14. TheBreakingwolf

    If you want to lose fat fast, you should google Cosmos Fat Loss. They will help you get the body you deserve.


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